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Corrugated Cardboard
Production Notes

1973 - 1977

Corrugated Cardboard, Wood

These very early constructivist collage works made out of pure corrugated cardboard, represent fledgling attempts to link my affinity for hard-edged geometry with a growing interest in cinematic sequencing and physical representations of the motion picture filmstrip. Other works of this period are heavily influenced by painters like Mondrian and Malevich. Clean lines. Lucid thinking. Compositions that aspire to a delicate asymmetrical balance. A kind of meditative elegance.

Just a year later, my relationship to cardboard as a material began to change, and I began looking for pieces of cardboard anywhere I could find them (which is everywhere) – searching for varieties of color, text, context, and the myriad other graphic markings that define the commercial packaging and transportation culture from which they derive. This change of direction would culminate with CINE-MATRIX (1978).

Corrugated cardboard is the medium for packaging products

Virtually everything that travels and must be transported,
is packaged in a cardboard container.

The cardboard box is the stuff of modern freight transportation.

Some boxes have product design features as indicators of content;
others have little or no commercial reference.

Virtually every appliance, every household commodity is
(at one point or another), packaged in cardboard.

Cardboard is prevalent; it is the perpetual fodder for garbage throughout the world.

I work with this found cardboard.