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Gathering StonesGathering Stones
Critical MassCritical Mass
The Art of WarThe Art of War
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Playing GodPlaying God
The Red ThreadThe Red Thread


The Film Society of Lincoln Center presents an interactive audio installation
January, 1994
Furman Gallery
at The Walter Reade Theatre

AUDIOFILE consists of four metal file cabinets, each containing 27 individual drawers. Every drawer contains a portable cassette tape recorder fitted with a continuous loop recording of a unique sound element. The interactive sculpture is electrically designed so that when any drawer is opened, the tape recorder activates, producing sound. When the drawer is closed, the sound ceases. At rest, the work is silent; when engaged, any number of drawers, from 1 to 108, may generate sound simultaneously.

From Gregorian Chants to Rap Music, from water torture to crocodile tears, from a chorus of frogs to piano chords, the range of rhythms, textures, subjects and references contained within AUDIOFILE is diverse and eclectic. AUDIOFILE allows the participant to compose his/her own sound collage combinations using 108 unique sound elements -- from nuanced and delicate concrete musics to wildly implausible, raucous cacophonies -- that form the potential for an inexhaustible variety of narrative, abstract, musical, and philosophical auditory experiences. Several people can interact with AUDIOFILE simultaneously, allowing for an even greater range of serendipitous, and accidental sound collages.

AUDIOFILE is fun to play (as in many ways it is an instrument), inviting the participant to orchestrate and experiment with an idiosyncratic array of audio imagery, rhythms, textures, and durations -- the dynamics of music. By giving sound a "spatial" dimension, within the physical domain of a filing cabinet, AUDIOFILE attains a sculptural presence not generally found within the growing body of audio/installation artworks.

All News Radio
Artificial Intelligence
Basic Japanese
Boiling Point
Brick Oven
Broken Record
Canned Laughter
Carnival Atmosphere
Child's Play
Chorus of Frogs
Cloud Bursts
Cold Front Counting Sheep
Crack of Dawn
Critical Condition
Crocodile Tears
Crunching Numbers
Dancing Shoes
Dead of Night
D Flat Major
Dr. Gusoff's Office
Earth Orbit
Echo Chamber
Fast Forward
Fifty Words A Minute
Finishing Touches
Four Quarter Time
Fourth of July
Frozen Moments
Friendly Fire
Full Moon
Getting in Tune
G Minor
Hard Hat Area
Hard of Hearing
Heat of Battle
High Holy Days
High Voltage
Home Movies
In a Groove
Intensive Care
Joy Ride
Jumping Jacks
Left Turn
Les Fleurs du Mal
Light Breeze
Lord's Prayer

Mark Time March
March on Washington
Mood Music
Mortar and Pestle
Moving Target
Music Box
Nobody Home
No Trespassing
Off the Hook
Open and Shut
Oral History
Out of Gas
Passing Time
Peace of Mind
Perfect Pitch
Point Game
Pounding Away
Quitting Time
Random Notes
Remote Control
Rest in Peace
Rude Awakening
Senior Citizens
Silent Movie
Singing Praises
Six Horsepower
Sleepless Night
Smoker's Cough
Song of Myself
Sound Asleep
Standing Ovation
Three Minute Egg
Time Bomb
Tossing and Turning
Touch Tones
Tuning Up
Twelve O'Clock
Twenty Two Caliber
Twilight Zone
Under Arrest
Utter Nonsense
Voice Mail
Water Torture Whale Watching
Winding Up
Wit's End


AVIARY is a specialized version of the AUDIOFILE form. Each of the twenty seven drawers of a single file cabinet contains the sound of a different bird. The participant has the opportunity to combine various sonorous bird songs, guttural calls and throaty percussive rhythms and to create impossible natural habitats as well as a concrete music grounded in an abstract natural language.

Funded in part by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts.

A Project of the Parabola Arts Foundation