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Late City Edition


LATE CITY EDITION (1991) is a media sculpture consisting of stacks of bundled newspapers randomly assembled as if waiting to be picked up for recycling. At least five of the rectangular solid bundles have been specially fitted with small video monitors that fill the front page pictorial space where newspaper photographs would ordinarily appear. The video monitors are playing a rapid fire single frame sequence of more than 10,000 individual news photographs, each culled from the pages of The New York Times over the last 15 years. These images have been digitized and computer animated to form a serene, yet explosive montage - the people, places, stories, symbols and snapshots that evoke the cumulative overload of history unfolding day by day.

"...the newspaper have very loud and noisy headlines... a mosaic space made up of unconnected items from every part of the world at once.... The total lack of as sophisticated as Picasso..."

Marshall McCluhan