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Selected Reviews

Wide Awake
James Greenberg
Hollywood Reporter
January 23, 2006

Wide Awake
John Anderson
January 24, 2006

To Sleep or Not to Sleep
Scott Foundas
LA Weekly
January 25, 2006

Say What You Want, This Film Is No Sleeper
Jan Stuart
January 25, 2006

I'll Sleep When I Figure Out Why I Can't
Anne S. Lewis
The Austin Chronicle
March, 10, 2006

Eyes Wide Open
Alan Berliner Will Sleep When He's Done

Interview with Natalija Vekic
Release Print (Film Arts Foundation)
May/June 2006

Two Sleepy People
Insomnia in the Films of Alan Berliner and Annette Mangaard
Shlomo Schwartzberg
Point of View
Summer 2006

Young and Restless
Goel Pinto
July 10, 2006

Waking up to Alan Berliner
Hannah Brown
Jerusalem Post
July 16, 2006

Jewish Politics, Culture & Religion for the 21st Century
Phillip Lopate
August 2006

Alan Berliner
September 2006

Sleep Filming
Natasha Li Pickowicz
Ithaca Times
November 15, 2006

A Filmmaker Whose Camera Gets No Shut-Eye
Desson Thomson
Wsahington Post
December 9, 2006

Sleepworking: Insomnia as Inspiration
for Alan Berliner's 'Wide Awake.'
Kathy A. McDonald
Documentary Magazine
March/April 2007

Juan Munoz-Tebar
April 2007

Can't Sleep?
Watch Alan Berliner's Insomnia Documentary

Troy Patterson
May 22, 2007

My Kingdom For Some Shut-Eye
Brendan Bernhard
The New York Sun
May 22, 2007

Inspired At Night
USA Today (Weekend)
June 18-21, 2007

Who the Hell is Alan Berliner?
Chizfilm Movie Reviews
Jonathan Chisdes
November 15, 2007