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Selected Reviews

"The Wonder of Stranger" by Hal Hinson,
The Washington Post, June 5, 1992

"At Home Everywhere But Home" by Janet Maslin,
The New York Times, October 3, 1991

"A Personal Comment On The Family" by Michael Fox,
San Francisco Chronicle, December 8, 1991

"The Grandfather" by Jonathan Rosenbaum,
Chicago Reader, June 19, 1992

"Intimate Stranger" by Todd McCarthy,
Variety, January 30, 1992

"Order And Obsession:
Alan Berliner on the Making of Intimate Stranger," by Gabriella Oldham,
The Independent Film & Video Monthly, May 1992

"Solo Flyers" by Mitch Albert,
The Independent Film & Video Monthly, March 1995

"A Portrait Of One Who Loved Japan" by Marion Garmel,
The Indianapolis News, June 22, 1992

"28 Films Tapped For Festival" by Janice Berman,
New York Newsday, August 16, 1991

"Alan Berliner & Intimate Stranger" by Mark Vian,
Upstate Films Newsletter, April/May 1992

"Intimate Stories of Two Families" by Jonathan Mandell,
New York Newsday, October 3, 1991

"A Stranger In The House" by Desson Howe,
The Washington Post, June 5, 1992

"TV: A Grandfather's Life Re-Created" by Robert Goldberg,
The Wall Street Journal, June 22, 1992

"New York Jewish Film/Video Festival" review by Ellen Cohn,
The New York Jewish Week, January 10, 1997