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Storytelling and Innovative Author’s Methods in the Films of Alan Berliner
Theses of Doctoral Dissertation
D.L.A. Ferenc Moldovanyi
Supervisor: Dr. habil. Lóránt Stőhr, Associate Professor

In recent years, an increasing number of non-fiction films, using the language of film in a creative manner, have been successfully featured in the fiction film selection of the most important festivals. These works, often distributed in cinemas, do not apply a journalistic style but speak in images, often in emotionally charged, dramatic scenes or use visual poetry and aim to find a brave new language, thus re-thinking the options offered by motion picture in order to express their message about our world. These outstanding works bearing the signature of the “author” find their place even in the main-stream market without compromising on regarding their artistic approach.

American documentaries have a long tradition in this respect and have contributed to the history of the documentary with many renowned, outstanding filmmakers. (like Alan Berliner and David Maysles, Frederick Wiseman, Errol Morris, Barbara Kopple and D.A. Pennebaker and others).

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